2020 Joint ASM



Dear Colleague,

I am sorry to advise that the difficult decision to postpone the 2020 Joint Annual Scientific Meeting has been made, in light of the current climate of Covid-19 and restrictions on travel and group gatherings that have been imposed.

While this is of course disappointing I am pleased to be able to let you know that we will run the meeting at approximately the same time next year. Exact dates and further details will be made available as soon as they are confirmed. In addition to holding the Joint Annual Scientific Meeting in 2021 each society will also be looking at potential virtual engagement strategies in 2020 as the situation unfolds.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

Dear Colleague,

In 2020, our three organisations will again join together to bring you your Annual Scientific Meeting. Based upon feedback from our members, the coming together of like-minded groups of clinicians and researchers provides a superior conference experience, higher levels of education and excellent networking opportunities for all delegates. This year the program is bigger than ever with a dedicated Young Investigator (YI) / Early Career Researcher (ECR) symposium which also incorporates the highly successful SCOLAR program, which the AAS have been running for many years. This symposium will cover many topics and attendees will have the opportunity to network together in their own afternoon tea session.
Coupled with an impressive lineup of invited guest speakers, both international visitors and home-grown experts, and generous awards for students and YI / ECRs, to be awarded at the Conference awards dinner, this joint meeting is sure to surpass previous successes.

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Prof. Markus Schlaich - President of HBPRCA
Prof. Markus Schlaich - President of HBPRCA
Prof. Peter Psaltis  -President of AAS
Prof. Peter Psaltis -President of AAS
Prof. Natasha Harvey-President of AVBS
Prof. Natasha Harvey-President of AVBS


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